The Next Big…Deal

A nerve center for nonstop discovering, networking, and deal-making, the Cable-Tec Expo® 2017 Exhibit Hall features focused hubs for forward thinkers: Innovation Theater, Executive Member Lounge, Energy 2020®/CABA Smart Zone, Wireless Week webcasts, Incubator Alley, and CORTEX Lounge.


Expert to the Core

Get firsthand, hands-on exposure to SCTE•ISBE’s revolutionary CORTEX Expert Development System™ (EDS). Engage interactively with CORTEX Xpert World 3D Learning. Network with peers, plug in a laptop, and learn soft skills. Download and get familiar with the CORTEX Mobile App. Set your career on a fast track to success in this special new lounge experience at Expo.


SCTE•ISBE Executive Member Lounge

Recharge and Reset

If you’re a director or above and have become an Executive Member of the Society, enjoy the added benefits of SCTE•ISBE Executive Membership. New last year at Expo and returning this year is an area devoted to you where you can decelerate and take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi, cold beverages, and snacks. Catch news telecasts, recharge your device, read the official show daily, and “take five” (or more) conversing with like-minded peers. If you haven’t already, become an SCTE•ISBE Executive Member at .

One attraction in the Executive Member Lounge will be The Cable Center Virtual Reality Exhibit. The exhibit is 40 items that tell the story of the innovative technological contributions of the cable industry, viewable in virtual reality with an HTC Vive headset or in 2D from the website. The project, providing immersion and presence, makes the collection accessible to a global audience. Learn and see more.



Energy 2020®/CABA Smart Zone

Power Partners

Thanks to its electric atmosphere, Cable-Tec Expo® is a galvanizing force for advancing Energy 2020® closer to its goals. New this year at Expo, the landmark energy program gets an energy boost courtesy of the Society’s new relationship with CABA, the Continental Automated Buildings Association. Bringing synergy to energy, the Energy 2020®/CABA Smart Zone reveals innovative thinking and stimulates other fresh ideas about how to better manage expensive energy resources to keep cable competitive.

Exhibitors: Corning, AIRSYS, CABA, Tizzon, Hitachi Consulting and SCTE•ISBE Energy 2020


Sponsored by:

Incubator Alley

Countdown to Lift-Off

In coordination with industry partner CableLabs®, SCTE•ISBE is proud to showcase incubator companies and products in this Alley of ingenuity, concentrating on new verticals, wireless, and collegiate and start-up ideation.

CableFIRST in the Events Lounge

Regal Robots

Wednesday, October 18
2:00 PM–6:00 PM

Fabulous FIRST® teams and their remarkable robots will march in as part of the Exhibit Hall’s opening ceremony and will set up shop in the hall’s Events Lounge. CableFIRST hosts will be Leslie Ellis, owner of Ellis Edits; Doug Sermon, retired industry veteran; Denice Loud, project manager, T&P voice engineering, Comcast; and Zenita Henderson, SCTE•ISBE.

Here is the roster of teams slated to march in and exhibit:

  • Highlands Ranch FROST
  • St. Mary’s Academy SMAbotics
  • Dakota Ridge Wired Up
  • George Washington Robotics
  • Overland Blazerbots

Event hosts:

Leslie Ellis
Owner of Ellis Edits Inc. and

Denice Loud
Project Manager
Comcast Cable Communications


Doug Sermon
Retired Industry Veteran

Zenita Henderson
Director, Marketing Operations & Business Development


CED Wireless Week

High-Wireless Act

SCTE•ISBE is pairing up with CED Wireless Week to deliver a special focus on wireless at Cable-Tec Expo® this year. Via informative webcasting on this exciting subject, you and your fellow attendees can get up to date and prepared for what’s next in the increasingly important wireless realm.

Presented by CED and Wireless Week.
CED and Wireless Week


Friday, October 20
9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Wireless companies providing cable. Cable companies jumping into wireless. Oh my! These days it sometimes feels like the cable and wireless industries are coming together at the speed of light (fiber optics, get it?!). But while cable and wireless may be looking at many of the same themes, the industries are still speaking very different languages. Enter Wireless Live! We’ll be on-site at SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo this year to bridge the gap, translating wireless technologies for your cable mind. We’ll tackle key topics trending today in wireless and explain why they matter on the cable side of the fence.
Join Roger Entner of RECON Analytics and Bevin Fletcher of CED to broaden your perspective on issues including: Wi-Fi, IoT, virtualization, fiber and other backhaul options, 5G, and SCTE•ISBE’s latest work in wireless.

9:00 AM-9:45 AM
IoT: The Future Is Sooner Than You Think

IoT has largely been a mobile operator play until now. In 2016, SCTE•ISBE created an IoT Working Group indicating that cable companies take this space seriously. How can leading IoT players help cable companies close the gap and become impactful IoT providers to business and consumers alike?

George Reed, SVP of Marketing and Solution Sales, Huawei

Ram Sridharan, MSO CTO Office, Nokia

10:00 AM-10:45 AM
Fiber and Backhaul: The Indispensable Foundation of Today’s Networks

Cable companies have some of the best and ubiquitous right-of-ways in the United States, passing more than 95% of dwellings. As TV moves rapidly toward 4K, usage explodes not only on cable but also on the fixed and mobile Internet. This makes cable companies one of the most sought after backhaul providers. How are vendors helping cable companies to upgrade and expand their fiber and backhaul opportunities?

John Chamberlain, Director, Office of the CTO, CommScope

Kara Mullaley, global fiber-to-the-home marketing manager, Corning Optical Communications

Shane McClelland, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Head of Transport, Ericsson North America

Jaime Fink, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Mimosa Networks

11:00-11:45 AM
Virtualization: Increase Flexibility and Capabilities at Lower Cost

While large telcos have taken the lead when it comes to Software-Defined Networks, the promise of network function virtualization (NFV) is valid for every network. As cable networks are expanding in scope and capabilities, how are vendors helping cable companies to make their networks more flexible and adaptive?

Joe Baeumel, VP of Partner Strategy and Business Development for KPGCo

Ryan Eclles, Director, Systems Engineering, Service Provider Group, Netscout

Arvinder Anand, Chief Solution Architect, Ericsson North America

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